Vision / Mission

The vision and goal of the mosque are as follows:

  • To stand as strong as the Ferhad Pasha mosque has stood over the centuries.
  • We want to inspire all our attendees to adopt everlasting attitudes of resilience and optimism.
  • To be proud of our Muslim identity through times of ease and hardship.
  • To know and understand to place our trust in Allah (al Hafiz – The Protector). God the Almighty says in his glorious Quran (8:40) “ Know that Allah is your Protector. Excellent is the Protector, and Excellent is the Helper”.
  • To unite as the muslim community as they once united to pick up the stones and rebuild Ferhad Pasha mosque.
  • Knowing that you must be the positive change in yourself that you want to see in the rest of the world. This message is written on the main hallway at the front entrance of the mosque for all attendees to see the Quranic Verse (13:11) “ Verily, never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves”.